Fabulously simple paint solution.

"It’s so easy to use, you just squeeze out a little paint and touch up the area. And the best part is I didn’t even have to prep the space because there are no drips.  I am going to keep my Color-Glide® Pro tubes full of different colored paints so that when the need arises I will be ready and I won't have to lug up heavy paint cans from our basement. Fabulous product!"

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“Absolutely the easiest product to use and does every thing I expected, used it to touch up my newly painted walls after hanging pictures”

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"Once you begin using ColorGlide Pro paint tubes you will not only have one for each color in your home, you will begin to use them for the special painting projects because they are so handy and always ready to use."

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“This is an awesome idea, an empty tube with an applicator and air-tight cap. I loved the idea of being able to fill it with MY paint for a "perfect" match for easy touch-up.”

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“The system is extremely easy to use and virtually has no messy clean up. Kids love the easy-grip bottle, while parents enjoy less stress and no mess. Store kids’ paint in Color-GlidePros for a more organized approach to artistic fun."

with color-glide® pro

organize household paints


no set-up & no clean-up

It is time to rid your house of those rusty, bulky, unused paint cans.

Before you throw out your old unused paint cans, ColorGlide can help.

At ColorGlide, we know you might want to keep a little leftover paint just in case your walls, doors, or trim gets damaged. Color-Glide® Pro is a simple, easy-to-use paint storage and application system that encourages giving up those old bulky cans of paint.

After you transfer your paint into the paint Color-Glide Paint tube your can take any remaining paint to one of hundreds of drop-off sites.

Find a Paint Drop-Off Location

THE time IS NOW to make a change

California’s paint stewardship law went into effect in October of 2012. The new law requires proper disposal of leftover paints making paint recycling easier for the public. Nationwide stewardship is managed by PaintCare Inc. a non-profit organization managing drop-off sites and public outreach programs for responsible paint use.

Paint applicator tubes are simple to use, just pump the paint into the tube, remove the protective cap, squeeze a little paint to the surface and apply as needed. When you are done, simply wipe the applicator and store it for later use. It's as simple as that.

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1. Simple to use  paint tubes takes the fear out of do-it-yourself projects by clean painting with out a paintbrush.
2. Paint tubes are easy to store and maintain. Each tube has areas to write information about the paint color, project and location, and the paint filled can be stored for long periods of time.
. Now you can get rid of those old rusty paint cans  with out throwing out the paint with it. Just store what you need for seasonal touch-ups or small projects and dispose of the paint empty can at a PaintCare disposal location.
4. After long periods of non-use the paint is refreshed by shaking the tube.  An agitator ball bearing located inside the tube.

Color-Glide® Pro Paint Management

With Color-Glide® Pro is that there is no cleanup and your paints can be stored for extended time periods and conveniently stored away for later use in a small area like a kitchen drawer.

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We want you! If you are serious about recycling your unused paint and paint cans click the following button to receive a sample of the Color-Glide paint applicator tube.

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